Sheet Pile

Pre-stressed Reinforced concrete sheet pile

Pre-stressed Reinforced concrete sheet pile is produced in accordance with JIS A 5373-2004 and JIS A 5354-1993 of Japan.
Sheet pile is used for projects requiring high quality and beautiful looking for works: drains, dams, breakwaters, embankments against river bank erosion, water channels etc...
Pros: Sheet pile is produced by the technology process in accordance with Japanese standards, quality is tightly controlled. Using concrete with 60 MPa strength grade, waveform section and pre-stressed characteristic results in increasing the stiffness and bearing capacity of pile.
• Good product quality
• Bearing ability of high load
• Fast construction progress, creating aesthetic for works.
• Ease in execution with all conditions of construction
Technical specifications
• Pile size: from SW225 to SW1200.
• The maximum length can reach up to 34m.
• 28-day concrete strength: 60 Mpa.

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